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U.S. Southern Plains: Remembering the Alamo

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AEA is proud of its heritage and membership that continues to develop business opportunities for a constantly expanding list of non-competitive businesses.

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U.S. Southern Plains: Remembering the Alamo

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U.S., SOUTHERN PLAINS: Still Remembering The Alamo


By Peter Biadasz, U.S., Southern Plains Bureau Chief

(Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico)

In the February, 2007 edition of The National Networker I had the honor of introducing to you The Alamo Executives Association (AEA) in San Antonio, Texas. Just before I called its Executive Director, Diane Nichols, to write this update, I perused through their website to see what changes may have occurred since I last visited with them. I was both surprised and please when I saw my own smiling face looking back at me from the “About Us” section of their website. You see, they proudly posted the article from the February, 2007 edition and have utilized it as a method to promote their group. Very wise use of publicity! I don’t want to say that the article can be credited with their recent successes, but not many networking groups in this country can boast having as a member an individual who has owned both an NBA and NFL franchise, but AEA can boast of this success, as well as many others,.

AEA, started in 1989, is still noted to be impressive, honest, close, fantastic, brilliant, and fun while still meeting every Tuesday morning from 7:00 – 8:30. Passing leads as well as information is still the group’s forte. In addition, members have experienced an increased growth in sales through member recommendations of products and services. AEA is an exclusive organization of business owners and executives from non-competing businesses in the San Antonio area. AEA’s exclusivity provides a non-competing atmosphere that allows for open discussion and exchanges to occur.

The group’s stated purpose is to increase its members’ sales of goods and services through the exchange of information and leads. It seems to be working well. According to Ms. Nichols, the group has transacted now over $73,000,000 since its inception and has grown to 48 members. These numbers are the result of lead passing standards set by AEA. At each weekly meeting members are required to submit an average of at least one business lead or referral to another member.

Total business to date in 2009 stands at $953,310.00

One of the biggest notes within the group is how many of the members are nationally ranked within their industries. It is understood that each member is responsible for and credited with the success of the membership. Besides the weekly meetings, the group still enjoys outside activities together. Most involve food as well as going to area attractions. There are quarterly mixers, a big bowling night, the annual Retama Park Party and the annual trek to Austin on board a luxury motor coach to enjoy the hilarious Esther's Follies (which offers hilarious satire on all the news makers and events fit to parody). Delicious potluck parties are also held periodically at various members’ homes.

This seems like a very balanced and successful networking group. In fact, it has been called the “premier group in San Antonio” in which the members truly “believe in each other”. Membership is by invitation only.
To learn more about AEA, feel free to visit

Peter Biadasz, author of such book as More Leads as well as Increase Your Sales And Lower Your Golf Score,and the newly released Write Your First Book, is President of Total Publishing And Media. To contact Peter about getting your book published feel free to contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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