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Membership Has Its Perks

These benefits come to each of us as a result of being associated with the finest group of business and professional people in the San Antonio area.

Home Membership


In order to maintain the professional non-competitive atmosphere of AEA, membership is offered by invitation only. Any current member can sponsor a business executive by inviting him as a guest to one of the meetings. Meetings are held at 7:00 a.m. (breakfast) on Tuesdays either at Sonterra Country Club or at various members’ businesses.

Once you decide that your business is interested in joining, your membership application is given to  the Alamo Executives Association’s Board of Directors for consideration. If the Board of Directors accepts the application it will then go before the Membership. Upon acceptance, you will be introduced to all of the benefits of membership through an orientation meeting and will be invited to begin attending weekly meetings.

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