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Membership Has Its Perks

These benefits come to each of us as a result of being associated with the finest group of business and professional people in the San Antonio area.




Application for Membership

The Alamo Executives Association (AEA) requires of its members the following duties:

1.  Providing a quarterly average of one (1) referral each week which might benefit one or more member.

2.  Attending all scheduled meetings unless urgent health or business reasons prevent attendance validated by the Executive Director.  Absence not to exceed four (4) in any one quarter.

3. Agreeing not to become a member of another organization requiring leads.

4.  Familiarizing themselves with the various businesses represented in the Association for the purpose of making as many recommendations of business to fellow members as circumstance permit.

5.  Handling all referred business in such a thorough and professional manner that it will reflect credit on the recommending member.

6.  Prompt payment of dues at rates determined by the Board of Directors.

7.  Striving at all times for quality merchandise and service, resistance of price cutting or diminishing of products or services.

8.  Pledging to keep the source of all information furnished by the Association strictly confidential.

Alamo Executives Association
Diane V. Nichols ~ Executive Director
(210) 495-0422 ~ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Click here to download our application


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